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Tomhaggard Area Description

Tomhaggard is a historic village situated on the edge of two Norman territories, known as baronies.

The Norman Way is a heritage trail that runs along the south coast of County Wexford. Along this Wexford Trail you will discover authentic medieval sites which will help you to understand the Norman way of life. The Norman Way in Wexford is a true treasure of Ireland's Ancient East. Lose yourself in this beautiful, ancient landscape as you discover the Norman way of life in the place where it first took hold in Ireland over 800 years ago.

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Tomhaggard House Prices

Date SOLD Address Selling Price
2018-06-01 Crossgales, Tomhaggard, Wexford € 175000
2017-03-30 16 St Annes Park, Tomhaggard, Wexford, Y35 E5C1 € 70648
2016-08-22 Crossscales, Tomhaggard, Wexford € 208000
2016-07-27 Grange, Tomhaggard, Co. Wexford € 28000
2016-06-07 Knocklowlin, Tomhaggard, Co Wexford € 80000
2016-06-03 Tomhaggard, Wexford € 100000
2016-05-18 Ballymacane, Tomhaggard, County Wexford € 53000
2016-05-05 Cotts, Tomhaggard, Bridgetown Post Office € 110000
2015-10-28 Oldtown, Tomhaggard, Wexford € 125000
2015-09-03 Genstown, Tomhaggard € 90000
2015-01-22 Mountpill, Tomhaggard, Wexford € 94000
2014-09-23 Coddstown, Tomhaggard, Wexford € 40000
2014-06-12 Ambrey, Cousinstown, Tomhaggard € 130000
2012-12-10 Genstown, Tomhaggard € 195000
2012-11-30 Sigginstown, Tomhaggard € 86500
2012-05-17 Millars Cottage, Walshestown, Tomhaggard € 105000
2012-03-12 6 St James Drive, Tomhaggard, Y35 F2N3 € 35750
2011-12-01 Sigginstown, Tomhaggard, Co. Wexford € 140000
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